Auction Location: The Former BI LO 500 Pamplico Hwy. Florence, SC 29583

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* Alto Sham Combi Therm Oven
* BKI Rotissorie w/ S/S Stand
* LBC Gas Revolving Oven
* Hobart Flash Bake
* 2 Door Proofer
* 2 Door Retarder
* Barker PI Cheese Island
* 6’ Barker BDPFH Hot Case
* Barker BMD Lift Front Deli
* Barker PTD Deli Case
* 32” S/S Table
* 8’ Poly Top Table
* (3) 6’ Poly Top Tables
* (2) 4’ Poly Top Tables
* (2) 5’ Poly Top Tables

* 8’ M2 Meat Case
* 52’, 16’, 8’ M3 Multi Deck Meat
* 36’ D5 Lunch Meat
* (2) RL 2 Door End Cap
* (2) RL 3 Door End Cap
* 116 RL Doors
* 8’, 8, 72’ D5 Dairy
* 20’ D5 Rear Load Dairy
* 64’ D5 Beer Case
* 3 Door Allure Floral Case
* Hussmann Ref. Spot Box
* 12’ Hussmann NF6 Wall Frozen
* (2) PW Hussmann Produce Island
* 16’,16’ 13’ LN Shop Around


* Hollymatic Meat Saw
* Hobart MG 1532 Mixer Grinder
* Meat Tenderizer / Missing Teeth
* (2) Bizerba SE-12 Slicers
* (2) Slicer Stands
* Alto Sham Chicken Cooker

** 8’x20’x10’ Freezer
* 20’x26’x10’ Produce Cooler
* 8’x8’x10’ Freezer
* 20’x28’x10’ Dairy Cooler
* 16’x30’x10’ Storage Freezer

* MSI Baler
* Kohler 50 KW Generator
* Tyler Low Temp Rack
* (2) Tyler Med Temp Rack
* (2) Electric Pallet Jacks
* (6) Killion Check Outs
* 130 Shopping Carts
* 750’Lozier Shelving
* 8’ S/S Hood
* 4’ S/S Hood
* 3 Door True Refrigerator
* BKI Breading Table
* 16 Produce Carts
* 3 Comp S/S Sink
* Multiple Hand Sinks
* (2) 6’ S/S Cabinets
* 6’, 5’ S/S Tables
* Multiple 3 Comp S/S Sink
*Multiple 1 Comp S/S Sink

Plus! Many More Miscellaneous Items!
TERMS: Items are sold "As Is/Where Is" with No Warranty Expressed or Implied Except Our Legal Right to Sell the Equipment.ALL PURCHASES Must Be PAID FOR IN FULL At the End of the Auction.Removal of Equipment Will Not Be Permitted Prior to the End of the Sale. Every Buyer Must Register Prior to Bidding.ALL SALES ARE FINAL Upon Auctioneer Crying 'SOLD!' REMOVAL Auctioneer will announce at the beginning and end of the auction the specific time-frame for removing your items.If you do Not remove your purchases within the allotted time frame you will be held Liable for All Expenses Incurred in Our arranging for the removal and disposal of your purchases.There will be No Exceptions to this Policy.SALES TAX: We are required to collect sales tax at the time of the sale unless you have provided us with a fully executed and signed tax exemption certificate. We must charge sales tax if we do not have a completed Exemption certificate for your business

NOTICE: We furnish this for Information purposes only! We believe the information contained herein to be correct, but it is not guaranteed. Announcements made at the beginning of the Auction shall take preference over any written material. We encourage inspection of all items prior to bidding.


 Asa M."Montie" Marshall, IV -  Auctioneer   Macon, GA.       SC. A.L.# 1893